How to Skyrocket Your Income Earn More Respect Advance Your Career Using Just Your VOCABULARY


From: Greg Ragland

On this page you're going to discover the little-known secret I found which has the ability to very quickly skyrocket your income...* earn you more respect from your peers and colleagues... make people drop everything and listen closely to what you're saying... and see you as the expert you really are.

With every word you say...Every sentence you speak...

The person listening is JUDGING YOU based on what comes out of your mouth.

Every day, people make assumptions about your intelligence, your education and your capabilities by the words you use. So it is no surprise that numerous studies have shown a direct link between vocabulary level and success, or failure in life.

One of the first studies to prove a direct link between vocabulary level and career success was performed by famous self-help expert Earl Nightingale. In this study, Mr. Nightingale gave college graduates a vocabulary test and then followed their careers for 20 long years. And what he found was truly remarkable.

In Every Case...Without a Single Exception... He Found a Direct Correlation Between Their Vocabulary Scores and Their Incomes

In other words... the better their vocabulary, the higher income they achieved. The lower their vocabulary, the lower their income.

Remember... he found ZERO exceptions to this rule.

Another study conducted by several universities found that anyone, regardless of their socio-economic or educational background, can improve their vocabulary and reap the career and financial benefits of a good vocabulary. So regardless of where you are in you are in your career, you can take action to improve your vocabulary and positively change your future!.

The world renown Career and Aptitude Scientists at Johnson OConner performed another study with equally remarkable results. Here's what happened.

  • He gave managerial professionals at 37 manufacturing companies a vocabulary test. His test results showed that...
  • Floor Bosses had an average score of 86
  • Foremen had an average score of 118
  • Superintendents had average score of 140
  • Managers had an average score of 168
  • Executives scored the highest with an average score of 236

This study PROVES a direct link between vocabulary and rank on the corporate ladder. And while I don't know the income levels, you can safely assume that those who scored twice or three times as high as floor bosses were likely making close to two or three times the income.

As you can see...

Increasing Your Vocabulary Has a DRAMATIC Impact on The Results You Can Get in Your Career*

  • Want to make more money?
    Increase your vocabulary.
  • Want to achieve more status and recognition for your work?
    Increase your vocabulary.
  • Want people to respect you and listen to your ideas?
    Increase your vocabulary.
*Disclaimer - results vary from person to person.

However... as easy as that sounds... there's actually a critical problem.

You see...way back in 1994, I graduated from the University of San Diego and landed a job as a CPA at KPMG - the prestigious Big Four Accounting Firm. Once I added an MBA to that resume, I KNEW my career was about to take off.

But it didn't. In fact, it wasn't progressing at all.

I Felt Like I Was Running on a Hamster Wheel - Always Trying To Get Ahead - But Never Moving An Inch!

Worse, I felt nearly invisible. I couldn't figure out how to get my ideas heard, or gain the respect of my colleagues.

Shortly after this I came across a book which changed my life. It was called "Lead The Field" by Earl Nightengale. In his book Mr. Nightengale touts the importance of a good vocabulary in achieving career success. He stresses that a good vocabulary is the KEY to achieving success in your life.

Reading this, along with the same studies I showed you a minute ago, cemented my belief that a great vocabulary was what I needed to become more successful in my own life.

So I Went Out and Spent a Bunch of Money I Didn't Have on a Vocabulary Program

I spent hours upon hours studying and developing my vocabulary through that program.

The problem was... I suddenly realized that I knew a bunch of words I could NEVER use in "real life". Words like erudite, detritus, diurnal, clement, protean, crepitate, plexiform, sciolist, longanimity and more.

These are words you would NEVER want to use in your daily communication at work. You'd just confuse people and quickly become the "outcast" of the office because nobody would understand what you were saying.

Upset and a little confused... I bought another course. Same thing. A bunch of high-flying, pretentious sounding words I'd never be able to use.

So I bought another one. Same thing. And another, and another, and another.

I became SO fed up with wasting my money on vocabulary programs that I decided to spend literally HUNDREDS of my own hours doing my own research and coming up with a way to teach people how to build a vocabulary with words they can ACTUALLY use to advance their careers in short order.

And that's when I had the idea to create my OWN vocabulary program.

Shortly after I started speaking with an improved vocabulary, my career quickly turned around. In just over a year I earned two promotions and doubled my salary. As you can imagine my peers began to take notice and several asked me what changed. I told them about the vocabulary training I developed and they said they wanted to do the same thing.

So instead of creating some cheap, inefficient vocabulary building program... I took my own knowledge and partnered with leading business communication experts, linguists and other master communicators to further develop and perfect the Executive Vocabulary program (but more about that later).

After an investment of $100,000 and many months of blood, sweat and tears working with my elite team of Business Communication Experts...

Executive Vocabulary Was Born

And from inception the Executive Vocabulary program was received with critical acclaim!

Executive Vocabulary received so much critical acclaim because it's...

The First Vocabulary Program Designed Specifically to
Accelerate Your Career Success

And, it's the ONLY Program designed to help you quickly build an Executive Level vocabulary of USEABLE words.

The moment you begin increasing your executive vocabulary you should start experiencing benefits like…

  • Sounding smarter and more intelligent in meetings
  • The ability to express your point of view more persuasively
  • Commanding greater respect and acknowledgement from your colleagues
  • Writing more effectively (i.e. emails, memos, letters, etc.)
  • Presenting and speaking with more confidence, impact and authority
  • Being viewed as a more capable, competent and experienced professional in your field

In addition to career benefits, you should also experience improvements in your daily social life…for example:

  • More confidence and ease at social-functions.
  • The ability to discuss current events more intelligently and with greater credibility.
  • The ability to speak to members of the opposite-sex with more confidence and poise...
  • You should also find that you are viewed in a more positive light by everyone you meet... imagine meeting someone for the first time and getting INSTANT respect and admiration.
*Disclaimer - results vary from person to person

As you can see... Improving Your Vocabulary does much more than just make you more money and advance your career

But There Is a Catch, You Can Only Get These Benefits...If You Learn The RIGHT Vocabulary Words... and Learn Them The CORRECT Way

You see, executives and successful professionals built their powerful vocabularies the old fashioned way by reading AND usually by doing a LOT of reading.

In order to get the vocabulary of a top executive, you'd need to read hundreds of books (typically a minimum of 500) and numerous other publications.

Even if you read one book every single week... it would take you about 10 YEARS to achieve a high-level vocabulary.

With the Executive Vocabulary Program You Don't Need to do All of That Reading... Because We've Done All The Hard Work for You!

  1. First, we identified the most important vocabulary words for you to know to communicate at the highest level of success in your field.
  2. Then, we designed an integrated audio and workbook teaching-system to ensure you master these words so you can quickly put them to use to improve your professional and social communication

You see, the type of words you add to your vocabulary is critically important when it comes to your career success. And, with over 150,000 words in the dictionary where do you start?

One thing is for sure; you do NOT want to learn obscure, academic-words that nobody has heard before. Those words will only make you sound silly, or worse pretentious and even rude or annoying.

Instead, you'll use POWERFUL vocabulary words that enable you to communicate your ideas with greater clarity and impact. You'll learn what we call Vocabulary Power Words.

Power Words are the vocabulary words that Executives and successful people wield to communicate their ideas with influence, authority and impact. As Johnson O'Conner discovered, Executives speak at a higher-level... so if you want to achieve greater success in your career, regardless of what industry you are in, you must speak at a higher level as well. When developing the Executive Vocabulary program...

We Identified Over 500 Vocabulary "Power Words" That
Quickly Enable You to Start Speaking at a Higher Level

This process of narrowing down the top 500 Vocabulary Power Words was NOT easy.

For example, here are just a FEW of the ways my team and I cherry-picked the top 500 most effective Power Words.

  • We read through thousands of articles in leading business and news publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Time, and Newsweek.
  • We watched presentations and read books by the most successful executives and business professionals in virtually every industry.
  • We also closely listened and made lists of the most commonly used vocabulary words used by business professionals, politicians, television journalists and other master communicators.

After all of this research, my team identified 3,000 potential Power Words. We then ran this list of 3,000 vocabulary words through a proprietary algorithm that consistently separates true Vocabulary Power Words from other words that are close, but still miss the target.

By the time we were done... we'd finally come up with an elite list of the TOP 500 Vocabulary Power Words you must know to communicate at the Executive Level.

But... I still had a problem.

You see, it's one thing to have a list of the top 500 power words you MUST know. But actually LEARNING those words and effectively using them in active conversations with other people is quite a different story.

That's Why My Team And I Designed a Special Teaching System that Ensures You Have These Words at the Tip of Your Tongue at all Times

That way you can immediately use them to start speaking at a higher level of success.*

Its important to remember that learning vocabulary as an adult is very different than when you were in school. Simply memorizing synonyms and definitions wont cut it anymore. You need to know a word completely, so it comes out as a natural expression when you use it.

You see... learning new vocabulary words is similar to learning a new language, and that's why we've employed many of the same vocabulary training methods used by the most effective foreign language programs.

When you complete our easy to follow audio and workbook teaching and testing system, these Vocabulary Power Words will roll off your tongue with a natural ease. You'll find that the words are just there - ready for you to use - without you having to "think" about using them.

When You Get an Executive Vocabulary, You'll Embody Success and Watch Your Career Skyrocket to New Heights - Faster than You Could Have Ever Imagined*

And best of all Executive Vocabulary fits easily into your daily schedule: With our convenient audio lessons you can learn while you drive, workout, do chores or simply relax. Then with our user-friendly workbook you can quickly review lessons on your Computer, iPad, Tablet, Smart Phone, Nook or Kindle device (our workbook is available on all eReaders (iBooks, Kindle etc.).

Even BETTER than that is the fact that the Executive Vocabulary program is risk-free to try. That way you can see how it works for you without risking your hard-earned money.

Click on the button below to see why not only is it faster... more intuitive and more effective than other vocabulary building programs... but also easier on your wallet!

*Disclaimer - results vary from person to person