Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with my investment in Executive Vocabulary?

Executive Vocabulary is an integrated audio and workbook program. You will get 5 CDs of audio lessons in MP3 format, and an interactive workbook that can be read on your computer, iPad, Tablet, Kindle, Nook and Smart Phone.

Executive Vocabulary is offered as an instant download, so you will be able to start the program immediately. (Learn more details below, under the question Why Choose Executive Vocabulary over other Vocabulary Building Programs).

How will improving my vocabulary benefit me?

Scientists have been studying vocabulary, communication skills and success for over a century. These are just a few of the effects improving your vocabulary has been proven to have:

  • A study conducted by Douglas Bors and Tonya Stokes in 1999 found that having more words at your disposal allows you to think faster, giving you the power to contribute more great ideas and insights - and discover more solutions - than ever before
  • Knowing what you want to say, and how best to express it, gives you a new confidence that's immediately noticed
  • As you powerfully and precisely express your ideas they begin to resonate with more people, and you find them being remembered and acted upon
  • As your ideas are acted upon, your colleagues begin to respect your capabilities and look to you for leadership and guidance
  • The Bors/Stokes study also found that you'll comprehend the things you read better and faster , allowing you to immediately glean vital information (that others may miss) from reports, memos, and research materials
  • Your written communications - emails, memos, reports, and letters - will come together faster and easier , and will pack a persuasive punch that gets you noticed
  • Your colleagues and superiors will begin to perceive you as more intelligent (vocabulary is how most people make that determination) and skilled at your job
  • Since Vocabulary is the crux of all IQ tests, your IQ will naturally increase. In other words, you won't just appear smarter, you will be!

Why choose Executive Vocabulary over other vocabulary building programs?

Executive Vocabulary is the ONLY vocabulary program designed specifically to advance your career. Our number #1 goal is to help you quickly and easily master the vocabulary words that top executives and leaders use to communicate at the highest level of success.

We achieve this with...

1. Precise Word Selection: Our team of business communication experts invested thousands of hours selecting only the words that will dramatically impact your life and career.

    Our Team...
  • Carefully culled words from thousands of business documents and news articles.
  • Recorded presentations of top executives and business professionals in virtually every industry.
  • Listened to business professionals, politicians, television journalists and other master communicators.
  • Verified that all of these Power Words are consistently used throughout leading business and news publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Time, and Newsweek.
  • Finally, we ran every single word through a proprietary algorithm that consistently separates true Power Words from other words that are close but still miss the target.

We only selected words that successful people use to communicate at a higher level. These are the words you need to know if you want a seat at the table with the executives and decision makers at your company.

2. Superior Teaching Methods: It's important to remember that learning vocabulary, as an adult is very different than when you were in school. Simply memorizing synonyms and definitions won't cut it anymore. You need to know a word completely, so it is a natural expression when you use it. If you think about it...learning new vocabulary words is similar to learning a new language, and that's why we have employed some the same vocabulary training methods used by highly effective foreign language programs.

    Our Proven Systematic Approach
  • We start with a clear, concise definition written exclusively for this program so that the word's meaning is crystal clear. But even though most other programs stop there, with Executive Vocabulary , that's only the beginning...*
  • Next, we tell you where, when and how the word is used in today's business and real world communication. If words are tools, this is your instruction manual. As you listen to each lesson, you'll begin to intuitively understand exactly when it's appropriate to use each Power Word - and you'll never have to fear that you are using it incorrectly.
  • Then we provide up to four usage examples. Instead of just one or two sentences that leave you guessing or confused, Executive Vocabulary gives you several real-life examples of the words in action, pulled straight from leading news and business publications - so the examples are relevant to your everyday experience.
  • Finally, we test your recall to drive the Power Words home and guarantee these words become a permanent part of your active vocabulary.*

Executive Vocabulary is a complete "surround sound" learning program with audio lessons and a supplemental workbook. Our workbook is truly supplemental in that it provides more comprehensive lessons for each word. This allows you to listen to the audio lesson to identify any trouble words. You can then read the more detailed lesson in the supplemental workbook to fully master any trouble words you encounter. Note: for your convenience the workbook is available in iBooks, Kindle, Nook, Sony and other eReader formats so you can view it on virtually and reading device.

* Disclaimer - results vary from person to person.

When can I realistically expect to start speaking with a better vocabulary?

30 - 90 Days*

This is Interesting: When you complete the first Executive Vocabulary Exercise, you will add more new words to your active vocabulary than the average adult learns in an entire year. This is true - the average adult only adds 20 new words to their active vocabulary each year. With Executive Vocabulary you will quickly add 25 powerful new words to your active vocabulary after the first exercise.

Many people struggle to improve their vocabulary because positive results take too long to achieve. With Executive Vocabulary you will find that building a powerful, career-enhancing vocabulary is quick and easy. When you begin the program, you will find that you naturally start using more powerful and intelligent new words in your daily communication.

* Disclaimer - results vary from person to person.

How much time do I need to spend using the program?

Only 15 - 20 minutes a Day. Each Exercise, which includes the lesson, review, and quiz is approximately 15 minutes. By simply listening to one section a day, you will be well on your way to a richer more powerful vocabulary.

Executive Vocabulary is designed to easily fit into your busy schedule. Simply listen to the audio lessons while you drive, workout, do chores or simply relax. Then spend a few minutes reviewing lessons with our interactive workbook on your computer, iPad, Kindle or smart phone. It couldn't be any easier to build a rich, powerful Executive Vocabulary.

Can I purchase the physical CD's and Workbook instead of downloading it?

Executive Vocabulary is now only available through instant download and not available in CD format. Although, it only takes a few minutes to burn your own CDs once you have downloaded the program. After your purchase, you will receive step-by-step instructions on how to burn the program to CDs.

The Workbook is available in PDF for Computer Use and Printing (you can print exercises on paper if needed). You will also receive files for all eReaders, so you can view the workbook on your smart phone, iPad, Tablet, Kindle, Nook and others.

What audio players is the audio program compatible with?

The audio program is in mp3 format and is compatible with all popular audio players including iTunes and Windows Media Player. After your purchase, you will receive a step-by-step instructions on how to import the program into your audio player.

What eReaders Do You Support?

The interactive workbook is available as printable PDF file that you can view on your computer. We also provide digital files for iBooks, Kindle, Nook, Sony and other eReaders.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, we offer the absolute best guarantee in the industry. We are very confident that you will be 100% satisfied with Executive Vocabulary and see immediate results. If you don't see a significant improvement in your ability to command a more powerful vocabulary, impress others, and speak and write with more confidence, we will give you a full and immediate refund. And since we want you to be 100% certain the program is right for you, we give you a full year to use the program to get the results you desire.

If at ANY time within the next year you decide Executive Vocabulary is not right for you, just shoot our customer service team a quick email or call our toll free number and we'll refund 100% of your purchase. We want you to feel completely assured in the fact that your investment is 100% Risk Free... and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. You either get the results you're looking for... or you never pay a single penny. It's really as easy as that. No fine print and no questions asked.