Why you could – and should – raise your IQ with vocabulary

We all know that the measure of a man’s intelligence is for a very large part in the way he talks.

And the way he talks is a reflection of his thoughts.

Obviously, the same goes for women: It’s just the expression ‘measure of a man’ that’s biased – not me.

Anyway, how a woman or a man speaks is the consequence of her or his way of thinking.

And words are of course the tools of thought, so it makes sense that intelligent people have a large vocabulary.

They think better than others – so they must have more tools to think with, if you see what I mean.

I’ve referenced this in the first chapter of Verbal Success – about scientists proving a direct correlation between the size of a person’s vocabulary and their IQ score…and that all successful people have a big database of words to think and speak with.

But there’s more to it – much more.

See, when you start to work with your vocabulary – meaning, expanding it rapidly and using it in daily life, something pretty miraculous happens.


1. More words means richer and more to-the-point thinking.

2. Better thinking means increased understanding of information and situations.

3. Increased comprehension means faster processing.

4. Faster processing means faster intake of information.

5. Faster intake of information means getting smarter, faster.


In other words: Grow your vocabulary and you WILL get smarter.

It is literally unavoidable: you put more words into your mind, and your mind will start humming like a well-greased engine.

Which is something I bet you’ve already had a taste of with Verbal Success.

Anyway, it’s pretty much proven by science that you can’t stay on your old IQ if you learn more words. If you learn more words, you can’t avoid becoming more intelligent.

And just to show how deep that effect goes: Studies have shown that when you get serious about learning words, using them, and reading more – your brain actually changes.

I mean physical changes, the kind that can be measured and displayed on a screen.

Fascinating, isn’t it? It’s true though: the more astute and agile your thinking becomes, the more your brain will adapt to that new way of thinking.

In other words, vocabulary does really make you more intelligent. And I’m sure you’ll agree with me: “stupid” people don’t go very far in life.

It’s the intelligent, the smart and the clear thinkers who go places. Success comes to clever people, because they know how to spot and grab opportunities. They’re that smart.

And that could be you, if you’re smart enough to continue building and improving your vocabulary with our highly effective Verbal Success techniques.

Obviously, you could also choose to expand your vocabulary even faster. For that, we have created the Executive Vocabulary Program – the only vocabulary course in existence that’s built specifically to increase your chances of success.

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It’s the only program out there built to increase your success by quickly teaching you the right vocabulary – including the power words that executives and CEOs use.

For more info, go here –>Tell Me More About the Executive Vocabulary Program Otherwise, keep reading articles and books, keep growing your vocabulary, and till next time.


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