Why people fear public speaking more than death?

Did you know: A survey revealed that many people are simply petrified of speaking in public.

Whether in a meeting, at a conference, or simply addressing your team or your colleagues – many people literally fear speaking in public more than they fear death.

It’s understandable: Nobody wants to look like a fool.

And because we get so tense and nervous, our brains freeze up, we start to stutter or lose our train of thought…

… and we end up looking like a fool – exactly what we tried to avoid.

Have you ever heard people say ‘I know what I want to say, I just don’t have the word for it’?

In those cases, the speaker actually doesn’t know what he wants to say – he’ll have an idea, but no vocabulary to express it.

He or she won’t even have enough vocabulary to give shape to the actual thoughts. After all, if the thoughts are clear enough, it’s dead easy to express them.

That lack of accurate words, that’s exactly why people flounder when speaking in public.

Your mind can’t express ideas if it doesn’t have the tools for it.

And that’s precisely why we need an executive vocabulary. Without it, we’ll always be stuttering, fumbling to find the right words.

I think we’ve all had the experience: You launch into your talk, and before you know it you go blank…

You stand there, feeling like a deer in headlights… The room is quiet, everybody is staring at you. You know you should continue and pick up the thread.

You start again, but you’ve lost the groove, and no matter how much your mind races, you keep pulling up a blank.

Never happened to you? You’re lucky – I sure have had the experience a few times :/ 

And it’s not pleasant at all.

What made the big difference for me was vocabulary (of course: If you ask me, almost any problem can be solved with vocabulary. But I digress).

These days, I’m fairly comfortable when speaking in public. I still get some jitters, but that’s normal: Practically everyone has some stage fright.

To me it was like discovering a side effect. I had discovered the immense power of vocabulary and I was happily reading books and filling my mind with more and more words.

But one day after a public talk, my wife asked how it had gone, and I surprised myself: “Good, actually. Really good. It’s strange, but I wasn’t nervous at all. I felt in control.”

At that time, I simply put it down to increased confidence. But as I thought about it more and discussed my experience with others, something became clear.

Fear of public speaking is the mind signaling: “I’m not sure I’m ready for this”.

That fear then breaks your concentration and causes mistakes.

Those mistakes make you more nervous, meaning you’ll slip up even more.

And in the end, your entire talk falls apart.

So how does an executive vocabulary help?

It’s simple, really.

When you have more words at your disposal, you think faster and smarter.

You’ll have far more words available to form thoughts and express your ideas.

That means it will be so much easier to express yourself.

And each time you do get your point across, and you see people ‘getting’ you, your mind perceives “I can do this”.

This gives an incredible boost to your confidence.

Every time you speak in public, and with every sentence or concept you successfully convey, your confidence goes up.

The great thing about this is that it accumulates: All those moments of confirmation build up to give you confidence, poise, and the ability to express yourself ever more astutely.

But there’s more to it: Once you increase your vocabulary, you’ll be so much more astute in your communication that people will actually recognize your intelligence.

As soon as you start using the right words, people will pay more attention, be more open to your ideas, and they’ll be far more inclined to cooperate with you.

The best thing? This confidence effect works for you in all situations where you practice your executive vocabulary in communication. 

It really doesn’t matter whether you’re in front of an audience, or addressing the board, or simply explaining a new concept to your colleague.

Each time you manage to get your meaning across, your confidence consistently goes up.

And that means you’ll increasingly be in what I call ‘the vocabulary zone’ – that mental state where words and meaning just flow from you.

When that happens, people instantly recognize you for the smart and able communicator that you are. And obviously, you can’t get there if you don’t have the right words under your belt.

In the end, you might become as smooth and in-control as the CEO’s you see rocking their discourse on TED.com or at conferences such as SXSW.

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