Why Improving Your Vocabulary will Help You to Increase Your Intelligence and Your IQ

If you speak with anyone involved with intelligence testing, you will quickly learn that verbal skills constitute an important part of standard intelligence tests. Vocabulary is a critical component of well known IQ tests such as the WAIS and the Stanford-Binet.

If you were to ask intelligence-testing experts what ONE thing (or trait) they would use to best measure a person’s intelligence, you would find that almost all experts would select VOCABULARY.

Vocabulary is one indication of intelligence. Learning power measurably sharpens when vocabulary increases. Here’s the proof:

Two classes in a high school were selected for an experiment. The ages and background of the members of both groups were the same, and each group represented a similar cross-section of the community. In this study, the control class, took the normal courses. The other class had, in addition, special and rigorous vocabulary training. At the end of the period the grades of the students in the vocabulary class surpassed the grades of the members of the control group, not only in English, but in every other subject, including mathematics and the sciences.

Similarly, Professor Lewis M. Terman of Stanford University has found that a vocabulary test is as accurate a measure of intelligence as any three units of the standard and accepted Stanford-Binet I. Q. tests.

Words are the tools of thinking. It naturally follows, then, that the more words you have at your command, the clearer and more accurate your thinking will be.

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