Why Executives Have Superior Vocabularies – Simple – They Read a LOT!

Executives read more than the average adult. In fact, they read a lot more. The average American only reads one book a year. Worse than this is the fact that 60% of Americans only get through the first chapter. Contrast this with the fact that CEOs of Fortune 500 companies read an average of four to five books a month…that’s 48-60 books a year versus a single book a year.

According to a 2007 Market Tools Survey, the average businessperson reads about one book a year related to his or her profession. This study also found the average chief (CEO, COO, CFO, etc.) reads six books in the same period.

Reading and vocabulary are interconnected. The more you read the more words you encounter, and the more new words you learn and add to your active vocabulary. You have two options for improving your vocabulary. You can either start reading more or you can invest in a vocabulary program (book, audio, software etc.) The quickest path to an improved vocabulary is by investing in a vocabulary program. That’s not to say you should read less. Actually quite the contrary – by quickly learning new words with a vocabulary program, you will find that your reading comprehension improves and that you will be able to read faster and enjoy reading more. Improving your vocabulary will actually help you to get more out of reading and make it easier and more rewarding.

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