Study Finds Successful People Have ONLY One thing in Common…Only ONE! Can You Guess what it is?

Do you ever get the feeling that success may always be out of reach for you?

I too used to wonder if I’d ever be successful.

I thought that without friends in high places, buckets of sweat, money to invest, university degrees and probably good looks, how could anyone ever become really successful?

In reality, none of the above factors matter as much as having – and using – a large vocabulary, and I’ll tell you in a minute how I discovered that.

In fact, one monumental study performed by the Human Engineering Lab found that a large vocabulary is the ONLY trait that ALL successful people have in common…the Human Engineering Lab studied thousands of successful people to see if they could identify common success traits. They were surprised to find that their success had little to do with their education, upbringing or socioeconomic background…in fact they found just ONE common trait shared by successful people…ONLY One – a large vocabulary.

Maybe some worked hard, others were very talented, and some people had help from family– but ALL OF THE SUCCCESSFUL PEOPLE WE KNOW OR ADMIRE HAVE A VAST VOCABULARY.

This is incredibly important if you want more success in your career or if you want to start attracting bigger clients to your company.

I’ll explain why in a minute, but believe me:

With every new word you learn, you increase your chances of success, wealth and the choice of lifestyle and career you want.

How I Discovered the Almost Magical Power of Vocabulary

I’m Greg Ragland, and years ago I found myself stuck: it seemed like I had hit a ceiling in my career.

It made no sense, because I was qualified enough to move forward. And yet, it seemed impossible to get ahead.

I had heard something about the way vocabulary is related to success levels, and so I started reading, just to see if there was anything useful in the idea

What I found was amazing….

One study after another proved beyond the shadow of a doubt: The larger your vocabulary, the greater your chances of success.

One of the most stunning finds came from a study done by the Johnson O’Conner Laboratory of Boston and the Steven’s Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey.

The test dealt with 100 people, each striving to become an industry executive.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I found the results staggering:

Five years after the study, ALL participants who had scored in the upper 10% on their vocabulary had become very successful executives.

But, not one single person who had scored in the lowest 25% had become an executive. Meaning, it’s pretty unlikely, and maybe even impossible, to reach high levels of success if your vocabulary is limited.

But it gets Better

In the same study, it was also proven to be a fact that every successful person, in any industry or position, has a very large vocabulary.

The reasons behind it all – that’s something I explain in my book

For now, look at it like this: If a century of research shows over and over again that ALL EXECUTIVES have a large vocabulary…

And you want to reach that same level of success, or even higher…

Then you simply MUST be able to communicate on the level that you want to reach!

And once you start learning more vocabulary, you’ll agree with me: It’s amazing what it does for your mind. Absolutely amazing.

Specifically, by improving your vocabulary you will….

Sound smarter and actually increase your IQ
– Be perceived as more competent and capable
– Appear educated even if you have no diplomas
– Write faster, more clearly, and more persuasively
Read faster and comprehend more information
– Stun people with your first impression
– Present and speak with confidence and poise
– Approach people with more confidence
– Gain more respect and get more results with your peers and your superiors

Specifically For you this means:

– You’ll think faster and sharper
– You’ll express yourself more clearly
– People will misunderstand you MUCH less
– You’ll get more results, help and cooperation than you’ve ever experienced
– You’ll read faster and understand much more
– Your emails, reports and memos will be easier to write
– Your writing will become more persuasive
– Your peers and superiors will take you more seriously

I could go on for hours, but why don’t you just simply get started?

With every word you learn, you increase your chances of career success. Guaranteed. Ask yourself: If you close this page and do not start growing your vocabulary, are you doing yourself a favor?


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