How Improving Your Vocabulary Will Help You To Achieve Greater Financial and Career Success

It has long since been established that high-level executives do not have large vocabularies merely because of the opportunities of their positions. That would be putting the cart before the horse. Quite the reverse is true. An Executive’s skill in words tend to help them rise to the top of their profession. Several studies have proven this to be true

One of the first studies to correlate vocabulary and success was performed by Dr. Johnson O’Connor of the Human Engineering Laboratory of Boston and of the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey. In this study they gave a vocabulary tests to one hundred professionals who were striving to be industry executives. Five years later, all, without exception, of those who had passed in the upper 10 per cent had executive positions, while not a single young person of the lower 25 per cent had become an executive.

Some of the factors that lead to success can be measured as scientifically as the contents of a test tube, and it has been discovered that the one and only common characteristic of outstandingly successful people is “an extensive knowledge of the exact meaning of English words.”

A second study that further supports the correlation of vocabulary and success was performed by renowned self-help expert Earl Nightingale. In this study, graduating seniors in college were tested on their vocabulary knowledge. He then went on to track the study participants’ careers for 20 years.

What Mr. Nightingale found in his study was truly remarkable: in every single case, without a single exception, those who scored highest on the vocabulary test went on to be in the TOP income bracket, while those who scored the lowest went on to be in the lowest income bracket. Without a single exception, this conclusively proves that YOUR vocabulary can either catapult you to the TOP income bracket or derail your career into the lowest income bracket.

The good news is, it’s NEVER TOO LATE to improve your vocabulary and gain an edge in life and more success in your career!

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