Do You Want to be an Executive?

Do you want to be an Executive?

It’s an interesting question and you may be thinking “what exactly do you mean by Executive?” Well, Merriam Webster defines executive as follows: relating to the job of managing or directing other people in a company or organization.

In other words Executives are leaders in their field of work. So a lawyer who is a partner would be considered an executive. A doctor who is the head of a hospital would be considered an executive.

In every field of work there are executives – the people who manage, direct and lead other people in their organization. So with that definition, I will ask you again: do you want to be an executive?

If you answered yes, then you will find a study conducted by the Steven’s Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey absolutely fascinating.

In this study, the Steven’s Institute gave 100 people, each striving to become an industry executive, a vocabulary test.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I found the results staggering:
Five years after the study, ALL participants who had scored in the upper 10% on their vocabulary had become very successful executives.
But, not one single person who had scored in the lowest 25% had become an executive. Meaning, it’s pretty unlikely, and maybe even impossible, to reach high levels of success if your vocabulary is limited.

See how your vocabulary ranks by taking the Executive Vocabulary Challenge – it only takes a couple minutes, it’s fun and you’ll learn something.

Do it now – take the Executive Vocabulary Challenge and see how you compare with others in your field of work.

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