Discover How *Improving Your Vocabulary* Will Help You to Read Faster and Comprehend More!

Nearly 100 years ago, a leading educational Psychologist named Edward Thorndike performed a study that found students’ reading speed and comprehension test scores were directly linked to their vocabulary knowledge. This was first proven nearly 100 years ago, and many studies since have concluded the same thing: the more words you know, the faster you will read, and the more you will comprehend.

The fact that your vocabulary will affect your reading speed and comprehension is a pretty intuitive concept – it only makes sense that the more words you know, the faster you will be able to read and recognize these words as well as comprehend the information you are reading.

To fully appreciate how important vocabulary is for reading comprehension perform the following exercise: Click HERE, to find a list of sample SAT Reading Comprehension Tests. Before taking the first test, scan the passage and find words that are unfamiliar to you. Look up the words and then read the passage and take the test. Then take another test and this time scan the passage as you did with the first test, but don’t look up any unfamiliar words. Then take the test and see how you score. I bet you will find that you score higher on the first reading test then you do on the second.

If you are reading eBooks, be sure to use the built in dictionary on iBooks and Kindle – these enable you to quickly look-up word definitions, so you always fully comprehend the text you are reading. It’s also a great way to expand your vocabulary

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