Did you know: Executives read a LOT more than you… here’s why

There’s a reason executives have such a terrific vocabulary.

Or maybe I should say: it’s only logical that people with a superior vocabulary achieve more success in life.

People with a large vocabulary are smarter – a proven fact.

The differences are so big that most executives completely outscore PhD’s on vocabulary tests.

That’s pretty odd, if you consider that many executives have no degree and are often ‘self-made’.

So where does all this intelligence and life-savvy come from?

It’s not down to talent or aptitude, although those do help.

The real reason why executive status goes hand in hand with high IQ and superior vocabulary?

Reading. Lots and lots of reading.

Just consider: The average American reads only one single book per year.

Even worse: 60% percent of the people in the States who pick up a book never even get past the first chapter.

Compare that with executives who have a voracious reading habit of 4 to 6 books per month and you’ll understand that reading is essential if you want to be successful.

The above numbers are real, by the way: They were the result of a large study performed in 2007 by Market Tools.

Reading is so important that without a regular intake of books (or eBooks), it’s very unlikely that you’ll reach any serious success.

This seems to pose a problem: It means that if you want to reach higher levels of success, you would need to read hundreds of books.

After all, if massive reading is a trait shared by all executives, it’s going to be difficult to reach their level without emulating their behavior.

But where do you find the time to read so many books?

Isn’t there a shortcut?

Actually, there is.

It’s a bit of a chicken-and-egg situation: When you increase your vocabulary, you’ll understand more so reading logically becomes easier

But if you read better and grasp more information, you’ll also make very fast progress in expanding your vocabulary.

This way, every time you work with your vocabulary – be it learning words or reading a book – you compound the effect of your previous efforts.

You know more words so you’ll understand more; so you’ll read faster; which means you’ll absorb more new words, which in turn increases your comprehension and makes your reading faster, and so on and so forth.

In the end, you’ll literally zip through books that before you found too taxing or tiring to read.

In fact, many of our clients report that they experienced a major shift: Where in the past reading was a chore to them, it no longer is.

After using the Executive Vocabulary Program, they now enjoy reading. They actually look forward to reading more.

You too could be a voracious reader – and if success matters to you, it’s one of the most powerful strategies to prime yourself for higher levels.

Who knows, maybe you will also end up reading four to six books per month, just like successful executives. Imagine the effect it would have on your intelligence and your communication…

So if you understand reading is necessary, but you’re not looking forward to reading books, The Executive Vocabulary Program is your solution. It makes reading easier and faster, and it makes you smarter – very quickly.

You can give it a free try with no risk: The Executive Vocabulary Program comes with a $1 trial period, valid for one month.

Get full access today – learn the power words that executives and CEOs use and see your IQ and your reading skills improve faster than you thought possible.

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