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Study Finds Successful People Have ONLY One thing in Common…Only ONE! Can You Guess what it is?

Do you ever get the feeling that success may always be out of reach for you? I too used to wonder if I’d ever be successful. I thought that without friends in high places, buckets of sweat, money to invest, university degrees and probably good looks, how could anyone ever become really successful? In reality, […]

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Why you could – and should – raise your IQ with vocabulary

We all know that the measure of a man’s intelligence is for a very large part in the way he talks. And the way he talks is a reflection of his thoughts. Obviously, the same goes for women: It’s just the expression ‘measure of a man’ that’s biased – not me. Anyway, how a woman […]

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Why people fear public speaking more than death?

Did you know: A survey revealed that many people are simply petrified of speaking in public. Whether in a meeting, at a conference, or simply addressing your team or your colleagues – many people literally fear speaking in public more than they fear death. It’s understandable: Nobody wants to look like a fool. And because […]

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Discover How *Improving Your Vocabulary* Will Help You to Read Faster and Comprehend More!

Nearly 100 years ago, a leading educational Psychologist named Edward Thorndike performed a study that found students’ reading speed and comprehension test scores were directly linked to their vocabulary knowledge. This was first proven nearly 100 years ago, and many studies since have concluded the same thing: the more words you know, the faster you […]

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Why Improving Your Vocabulary will Help You to Increase Your Intelligence and Your IQ

If you speak with anyone involved with intelligence testing, you will quickly learn that verbal skills constitute an important part of standard intelligence tests. Vocabulary is a critical component of well known IQ tests such as the WAIS and the Stanford-Binet. If you were to ask intelligence-testing experts what ONE thing (or trait) they would […]

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Why Executives Have Superior Vocabularies – Simple – They Read a LOT!

Executives read more than the average adult. In fact, they read a lot more. The average American only reads one book a year. Worse than this is the fact that 60% of Americans only get through the first chapter. Contrast this with the fact that CEOs of Fortune 500 companies read an average of four to five books […]

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How Improving Your Vocabulary Will Help You To Achieve Greater Financial and Career Success

It has long since been established that high-level executives do not have large vocabularies merely because of the opportunities of their positions. That would be putting the cart before the horse. Quite the reverse is true. An Executive’s skill in words tend to help them rise to the top of their profession. Several studies have […]

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