About Us

Dear Friends,

Thank you for clicking here to learn more about US – ExecuComm Inc. Producers of The Executive Vocabulary Program. Hopefully, this page can help you realize that we're a real company who is focused on helping folks like you improve their vocabulary and communication skills and advance your professional success.

Can we help you improve your vocabulary?

We certainly think so. Since 2001, we have helped over 25,000 people, just like you, to improve their vocabularies with a focus on their career success. We have received over 200 unsolicited testimonials from delighted customers. We have only posted a few on our website

We have focused our vocabulary building on two areas:

The Right Words – the words you need to know to communicate at a higher level

Integrated Teaching System – an integrated audio workbook and teaching system

Where did the program come from?

Executive Vocabulary was developed by a team of business executives, communication experts, PhD's and Linguists. The idea for Executive Vocabulary was born from founder Greg Ragland's frustration with finding a vocabulary program that would help him learn words that he could actually use in day-to-day communication at work. Over 3,000 hours and $100,000 was invested in developing Executive Vocabulary

Are we a real business, one that you can trust?

Yes, ExecuComm is a team of real people hard at work. Our purpose is to help folks improve their vocabulary as quickly and easily as possible with a focus on results. The team includes business executives, communication experts and linguists

The vast majority of customers are very satisfied with our program. And for the small percentage who decide the program isn't the right fit for them, we issue a no-hassle refund as quickly possible.

We also take your privacy seriously. We don't share, sell or trade your information. And your sensitive billing information is protected by a third party customer database company, InfusionSoft.

We believe we have put together the best resource on the market for vocabulary improvement. If our program sounds like it could be the right fit for you, try it risk free and see for yourself.