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Executive Vocabulary is a downloadable audio and workbook program that will teach you the same Vocabulary Power Words that Executives and Leaders use to communicate at a higher level of success.

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Unlike other vocabulary building programs, which are aimed at simply teaching you academic words and their definitions, Executive Vocabulary uses a unique process specifically designed to help you learn new, intelligent words that will help you portray an image of success.

And best of all, with Executive Vocabulary, you will be amazed at how quickly you learn new words and start seeing results. Most of our customers report seeing results in the first week!

Research has proven a direct link between vocabulary and success.1 Studies have also shown that people who improve their vocabulary see many benefits in their life.2 By having and speaking with an Executive Vocabulary, you too could experience these benefits. Benefits like…*

  • Sounding Smarter & More Intelligent in Meetings
  • Expressing Your Point of View More Clearly
  • Commanding Greater Respect from Your Peers
  • Writing More Effectively (Emails, Memos, etc)
  • Presenting and Speaking with More Confidence
  • Projecting an Image of Experience and Success
* Disclaimer - results vary from person to person.
1. Learn the Right Words
With over 150,000 words in the dictionary where do you begin? Our team of experts researched thousands of words that Executives, Industry Leaders, Politicians and other Master Communicators wield to communicate with success.
  • We only selected words that make you sound intelligent, but NEVER pretentious.
  • Powerful, practical words that will help you communicate more effectively
2. Learn the Right Way
To reap the career enhancing benefits of an Executive Vocabulary you must be able to easily incorporate the new words into your daily communication. We employ the same teaching techniques that foreign language course use to:
  • Ensure the right word is at the ready, so you always communicate your ideas clearly, succinctly and with impact
  • Ensure you know exactly how to use each word and in the proper context, so you always sound intelligent
3. Use a Complete Program
The best way to learn new vocabulary is with a comprehensive program that includes both audio and visual learning. By combining audio lessons with interactive workbook lessons, you will improve your vocabulary much faster.
  • With our convenient audio lessons you can learn while you drive, workout, do chores or simply relax.
  • Our interactive workbook can be used while you are on your computer, iPad, tablet or smartphone.

"Now I Have a Much Better Vocabulary Thanks To You..."*

Executive Vocabulary has been a wonderful boost to my professionalism & confidence. I am a commercial real estate developer & have always had a poor vocabulary. Now I have a much better vocabulary thanks to you. It's wonderful as I am now more familiar with vocabulary words that I encounter in the news, at work and while reading. It feels very empowering.

Mark Elrod, Birmingham, AL

"Executive Vocabulary has given me greater confidence"*

The Executive Vocabulary program has taught me to use a better and more educated vocabulary in my daily communication; it has also given me greater confidence."

Rene Gonzalez

See what the Press, Experts and our Customers have to say about Executive Vocabulary

Executive Vocabulary has been Recognized by the Press as THE Leading Vocabulary Program for Upward Moving Professionals

LA Times

Article: Improve Your Vocabulary and Boost Your Career - A story on the importance of vocabulary, featuring Executive Vocabulary Co-Founder Greg Ragland

Article: What Your Words Say About You - An in-depth article about the importance of vocabulary when interviewing. Executive Vocabulary is the only vocabulary program referenced in the story

MSN Money

Article: 8 Smart Ways to Invest in Yourself - An article that discusses Executive Vocabulary and ways you can invest in yourself and your career.

NY Daily News

'A Vocabulary Builder to Help You Succeed in the Real World - Could a poor vocabulary be to blame for your failure to succeed at work? The answer is a resounding yes. [Executive Vocabulary] CD kit [workbook and software] teaches users a core set of over 500 Power Words [that will] make users sound better educated, more sophisticated and intelligent... the first step toward a successful business career''

See Why Industry Experts Recommend Executive Vocabulary

anita-bruzzesesAmerica's favorite workplace columnist features Executive Vocabulary

With over 8 million weekly readers, syndicated journalist Anita Bruzzeses is America's favorite workplace columnist. She wrote an article on vocabulary in the workplace that exclusively featured the Executive Vocabulary program. She also devoted an entire chapter to Greg Ragland's turnaround story and the Executive Vocabulary program in her top selling workplace book: 45 Things You Do That Drive Your Boss Crazy... and How to Avoid Them.

don-woodrufDirector of The Professional Vocabulary Institute recommends only one vocabulary improvement program - Executive Vocabulary.

As the Director of The Professional Vocabulary Institute, Don Woodruff assessed all the vocabulary improvement programs available to the public and decided to recommend and endorse only one: Executive Vocabulary. ''Rather than give definitions for rarely heard words, Executive Vocabulary clearly defines and offers memorable examples for terms most people have heard yet rarely know well enough to define. Thus, it creates maximum absorption and retention. I believe this program is excellent for anyone aiming to build a powerful vocabulary.

heidi smithJob Interview Coach Recommends Executive Vocabulary to Her Clients

"The #1 reason why people do not get hired is poor interview skills. Most of my clients had limited vocabularies and were unable to clearly articulate their responses. Executive Vocabulary is my program of choice because it incorporates both audio and written training that is reinforced by testing. I started Executive Vocabulary, too, and began to use Power Words I learned. The response was astonishing! My creditability shot through the roof. I started teaching people the Power Words, and they loved it. I have been using the program for 30 days. While I may have been employed with this company for 3 years, this was the first time that I had been asked for my input. My client base increased by 10%* since that time. I recommend it as a must have for anyone who aspires to succeed."  -Heidi Smith

wendy wiberg Communication Consultant to Harvard and KPMG Recommends Executive Vocabulary to her Clients

As a licensed speech and language pathologist, Wendy Wiberg has worked with clients that include Harvard Medical School and KPMG International. Here's what she has to say about the Executive Vocabulary program: ''I had searched for years for an appropriate vocabulary development program for the professionals whom I work with. I am thrilled to have finally found exactly what I'd been looking for in the Executive Vocabulary Program. Not only is the program easy to use, but, most importantly, the vocabulary words themselves are exactly the kinds of words that international business professionals need to learn and use. Clients that I've used it with have been equally excited about it. It's an all over, great program.  -Wendy Wiberg, M.A., CCC-SLP

Learn Why Most Customers Give Executive Vocabulary 5 stars1

Executive Vocabulary | Great Reviews | Improve your Vocabulary 5star "The Power of words goes a long way..."
After several years in management consulting and working for two marketing agencies with frequent client senior management exposure, Executive Vocabulary has been an enormously effective tool for me to communicate better and more precisely. The application is on my laptop, so I can expand my active vocabulary on my own time at home or when I'm traveling for business... The power of words goes a long way!"
Juergen Dold
Executive Vocabulary | Great Reviews | Improve your Vocabulary 5star  "I was able to better articulate my ideas with precision and poise..." "The Executive Vocabulary has helped me to improve my communication skills. After just a couple weeks of using the program, I was able to better articulate my ideas with precision and poise. It's been great so far."
Ken Schwing
Executive Vocabulary | Great Reviews | Improve your Vocabulary 5star "This is the program I have been looking for."
"The Executive Vocabulary has helped me to be more confident speaking with my peers. I have also received greater recognition for my contributions in meetings. This is the program I have been looking for."
Jessica Strelich
Executive Vocabulary | Great Reviews | Improve your Vocabulary 5star  "I noticed an immediate difference..." As a Creative Director I am responsible for presenting creative concepts and ideas to our clients. I am usually speaking with high level Executives. After completing the Executive Vocabulary program I noticed an immediate difference - I was able to speak and present with greater confidence, precision and impact. I have now required my whole creative team to invest in the Executive Vocabulary program, so they too can enhance their communication skills."
Jeannie Metz

Executive Vocabulary | Great Reviews | Improve your Vocabulary5star  "The Program has Undoubtedly Enhanced My Self Esteem and Confidence..." "I purchased my first Power Words program 5 years ago and it remains on my MP3 player to this day. The program has undoubtedly enhanced my self esteem and confidence in my personal, social and work environments.  I've realized the value and necessity of a powerful vocabulary. It is definitely an art form and "weapon" that has been, and still is, overlooked and underestimated by many in today's competitive job market."
Jim Mendenhall
Executive Vocabulary | Great Reviews | Improve your Vocabulary  5star  "More Targeted Words in Blogging" "Power Words has helped me to use more targeted words in my letter-writing and blogging."
Sue Heslup
Executive Vocabulary | Great Reviews | Improve your Vocabulary 5star  "Enabled Me to Speak with Greater Confidence..." "The Power Words Program has enabled me to speak with greater confidence. First it was in college in my business classes; now in my job I am more comfortable presenting than my other colleagues who are my age."
Michael A. Henry
Executive Vocabulary | Great Reviews | Improve your Vocabulary 5star  "I Can Now, With Confidence, Communicate With People"

"Power Words was a great investment for me! I can now, with confidence, communicate with people who are financially positioned to help me with my career."

Stan Little

Executive Vocabulary | Great Reviews | Improve your Vocabulary 5star  "Thank You for Putting Such a Good Product in the Market..." "I purchased Power Words about 3 years ago, this product is the best in the market to polish your business language, Spanish is my first language, I found the lessons to be expertly design and easy to understand. In addition to a well design product the company customer service is magnificent. Thank you for putting such a good product in the market"
Guy Medd
Executive Vocabulary | Great Reviews | Improve your Vocabulary 5star  "Improved My Self Confidence..." "The Power Words Program has helped improve my self confidence... that is priceless."
Elizabeth Daley
Executive Vocabulary | Great Reviews | Improve your Vocabulary 5star  "Helped Me to Express My Ideas More Clearly" "Power Words is Great! It has helped me to express my ideas more clearly."
Matt Stone
Executive Vocabulary | Great Reviews | Improve your Vocabulary 5star  "I Feel Smarter" "I have greater confidence and I feel smarter since completing the Power Words program."
Brent Farmer
Executive Vocabulary | Great Reviews | Improve your Vocabulary 5star  "Learning These Vocabulary Words Has Really Made A Difference For Me" "I have been building my vocabulary and have compiled a list of words over the past three years. I have found your Power Words program to be excellent and I wish that I had found out about this program before I started the tedious task of developing my own list. Learning these vocabulary words has really made a difference for me in being able to feel more secure and comfortable speaking with other business executives. I have recommended this program to several of my friends and family".
Dr. Gwyndolyn McClellan

1Disclaimer - All testimonials and case studies within this website are, to the best of our knowledge, true and accurate. They were provided voluntarily, by real customers, without any compensation offered in return. Please keep in mind results vary from person to person.